6 Words

Can you write your story in 6 words? One of mine is: Free to be – within the lines.


If all your wishes come true, what will you do then?

Choose What You Believe

Sometimes our longstanding beliefs can become limiting, and they can keep us from what we want now.

One way to challenge those beliefs, and perhaps begin to change them is to re-frame how we express them – to others and to ourselves.

We can change “I’m not good at math” to “Until recently I wasn’t good at math” or “In the past I wasn’t good at math” or “I’m getting better at math.”

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The Noise Factor

We live in a very noisy world. Audible noise and visual noise.

Seems that we are constantly surrounded these days by messages – all vying for our attention. Standing in line at the bank or supermarket, surfing the Web, driving, at the movie theatre, watching tv, listening to the radio. . . everywhere we look there are businesses of some sort talking to us.

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When will you know you have enough, and what will you do then? ~ Barbara DeAngelis


Is winning EVER really important?

Your Words

Words are one of the most powerful tools we have. You can make someone’s day, or crush it. Choose your words wisely.

Silence is Golden

The challenge: hearing yourself above the noise.

In this noisy and busy world, we have become almost constant communicators. We spend much of our time either speaking, writing, listening and reading. We are surrounded by words from many sources.

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Your Choice

So many choices. So many possibilities. So many opportunities. What will you choose today?