After so long, and so much evidence, why, oh why, do I still have trouble believing that everything is ALWAYS exactly as it should be?

What’s Next

I think I operate best when I focus on ‘what’s next.’ It seems to remove lots of clutter.


I remember when summer used to mean playing outside barefoot, ice cream, lots of fresh fruit, skinned knees, the pool, vacation, no school. . . come to think of it, it still does (except for the skinned knees.)

Social Talking

Looking at social networking sites, sometimes I wonder if everybody is talking and nobody is listening. . . like real life, sometimes.


In this world of bigger, faster, newer, better, it’s strangely comforting to realize that canned corned beef still comes in the same strangely shaped can, and opens with the same odd little key that it did when I was a child.


I have come to believe that we will never get back to where we were before. And I’m not sure we really want to. The eternal optimist, I do believe things will get easier. I just don’t see them ever being the same as before.

I hope we are not waiting for “the recovery,” but rather, making the changes we need to make to be more responsible, and thus creating an easier place to live.


At the heart of many of the issues I face as an adult is a great fear. A fear that the awkward, insecure, oddball child that still lives inside will be revealed.


… is the key. It’s not about talking or writing, or giving as much as it is about having a dialogue – a conversation. Everyone has something valuable to share. Everyone is worth listening to.

My Happiness

… is my responsibility. I can’t expect anyone else to be responsible for my happiness. And I don’t want to be responsible for anyone else’s happiness. So how could it be any other way?


Less is more. KISS. Maximum results from minimum effort. Grace. Simple yet effective. Ingenious simplicity. Beauty in movement. Hmmm… is there an elegant definition for elegance?