How happy are you willing to let yourself be?


How does your perception change when you accept things (or people, for that matter) just for what they are – without labeling them as ‘good’ or ‘bad’?


At least 90% of the things in my life are irrelevant.


What if – for just one week, or even one day – everyone on the planet was completely unconcerned with what anyone else on the planet was doing, and totally focused on being the best person they can be. Can you imagine that?


Is there really anything more basic? To everything.


How do you describe yourself without labels?

The Last Day

How would the world be different if we all acted like this was our last day to laugh, dance, sing, and hold our loved ones close?


Asking the right question is often times the most important part of finding the right answer.

New toys

No matter how old I get, the joy of a new toy remains the same.


It seems to take longer to get rid of a negative mood than it does to acquire it. . .