There was never a time when 20/20 vision was more needed. And, there was never a time (at least that I can recall) when our visions were more contentious.

Are we reacting to horrible circumstance, or creating it?

What Wouldn’t You Do?

There are lots and lots of things I wouldn’t do in my normal life. What I absolutely wouldn’t do under any circumstances, though, is a much shorter list.


I am a solitary person. I am quite content being alone most of the time. I am only truly fulfilled, though, when my life is shared with trusted others.


I am proud of my successes, and love to remember them. Truthfully, though, my failures have taught me much more – and been more instrumental in making me who I am.

What Others Think

What other people think about me.

  1. Is not my business.
  2. Is irrelevant to me.
  3. Is probably not what I think they think, anyway.

I Remember

I remember the days

When I longed for

The things I have now.

What is Your Story?

Is it a mystery, a romance, a drama, a comedy, or, like most of us, a little bit of everything?

Does it have a theme?

Would you like to change the plot?


True Acceptance doesn’t expect Improvement