What is Your Story?

Is it a mystery, a romance, a drama, a comedy, or, like most of us, a little bit of everything?

Does it have a theme?

Would you like to change the plot?


True Acceptance doesn’t expect Improvement


Getting help requires that you ask. Asking the right person helps…

The Answer

80% of finding the right answer is asking the right question.


The meaning of silence is not apparent until it is broken.


That wonderful moment when you realize that criticism is not about you, but rather about the person offering it, and you are free to accept it or simply wish them well and walk away happy.

Another 6 Words

Another of mine:
One Foot Here – One Foot There

And borrowed from Dave:
Dancing in the Mind of God

My Life

Is there a difference between my life and who I am?


Everyone has something valuable to say to me. It’s my job to listen.