Sometimes our longstanding beliefs can become limiting, and they can keep us from what we want now.

One way to challenge those beliefs, and perhaps begin to change them is to re-frame how we express them – to others and to ourselves.

We can change “I’m not good at math” to “Until recently I wasn’t good at math” or “In the past I wasn’t good at math” or “I’m getting better at math.”

That may seem superficial at first glance, until you remember where your beliefs came from, and how they became so strong – through constant repetition and re-inforcement over time. You’ve probably said that and thought that many, many times. And with each repetition, it became a stronger belief.

It makes sense then, that if you start saying it in a new way, eventually you can actually change the limiting belief.

It can take time for you to actually believe it, however, especially if it’s deeply ingrained.

So, here’s another thing you can do to perhaps speed up the process.

Think of an example of a belief that is holding you back from something you want, and try this simple exercise:

“Whether you believe you can do a thing or not, you’re right.” ~ Henry Ford

Go into your imagination, without trying to change the belief, and ask yourself, What if that wasn’t true? How would that change things? What possibilities would that open up?

Spend a few quiet moments with this possibility, and write down whatever comes to you.

Are the rewards of changing that belief big enough for you to really want to change it? Can you find strong enough reasons to make you choose to change it?

Remember, what you believe is your choice. Even if they were acquired long ago, and without a conscious decision on your part, your beliefs are what you choose them to be.

And you can make another choice! It’s up to you!