There was never a time when 20/20 vision was more needed. And, there was never a time (at least that I can recall) when our visions were more contentious.

Are we reacting to horrible circumstance, or creating it?

What Wouldn’t You Do?

There are lots and lots of things I wouldn’t do in my normal life. What I absolutely wouldn’t do under any circumstances, though, is a much shorter list.


I am a solitary person. I am quite content being alone most of the time. I am only truly fulfilled, though, when my life is shared with trusted others.


I am proud of my successes, and love to remember them. Truthfully, though, my failures have taught me much more – and been more instrumental in making me who I am.

What Others Think

What other people think about me.

  1. Is not my business.
  2. Is irrelevant to me.
  3. Is probably not what I think they think, anyway.


True Acceptance doesn’t expect Improvement

The Answer

80% of finding the right answer is asking the right question.

Silence is Golden

The challenge: hearing yourself above the noise.

In this noisy and busy world, we have become almost constant communicators. We spend much of our time either speaking, writing, listening and reading. We are surrounded by words from many sources.

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